Small Group Study.  Forming our own small group is one of the best ways to share our life and our love for Jesus with others. We all want to belong to a group that is not judgmental, but is caring, open, and honest in sharing the struggles in our lives as we look for answers to our concerns during these troubled times.

Here are 5 ways that a small group can impact us and all those around us.

  1. Taking the responsibility for our own spiritual growth will impact our relationship with Jesus.
  2. Reaching out with Jesus’ love to those around us will encourage them in their own spiritual growth.
  3. Sharing our own personal walk with Jesus and how He is transforming our life will impact our family, friends and neighbors.
  4. Sitting down with our children and grandchildren and sharing with them how the principles in this book have impacted our own life will help open their hearts to loving Jesus.
  5. Sharing our time, our home and our resources with others will draw them to desire a deeper relationship with Jesus


Seeing the Unseen Lesson Videos:

Introduction Video

Chapter 1 Remembering

Chapter 2 Enriching Our Understanding

Chapter 3 Church Metaphor

Chapter 4 Grieving with Hope

Chapter 5 Trusting God

Chapter 6 Alone with God

Chapter 7 Grateful Heart towards God