Personal note to those who visit the website.

Thank you for expressing an interest in learning how to see with the eyes of your heart.

For most of us, it is not an instant transformation like quickly changing into a new set of clothes. Rather, it is usually a slow but steady journey ever closer to the heart of God.

If you occasionally question the goodness or the love of God during a difficult time in your life, you are not alone. God is not bothered by our questioning or struggles. He invites us to ask him to flick on the light switch in our hearts so that we might truly see with our spiritual eyes.

As we learn to see, we will be able to focus our heart eyes below the surface of our circumstances and better understand how God is working in and through us in the good times and the bad.

Although we do not have all the answers, we are more than willing to help you to begin to focus your eyes not on that which is seen and temporary, but on that which is unseen and eternal.

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