In his book, Abba’s Child, Brennan Manning said: “The Christ within who is our hope of glory is not a matter of theological debate or philosophical speculation. He is not a hobby, a part-time project, a good theme for a book, or a last resort when all human effort fails. He is our life, the most real fact about us. He is the power and wisdom of God dwelling within us.”

It is easy to go through life viewing our relationship with Christ as just another responsibility to maintain. Our list may include our job, our family, our gardening or house repair projects, time set aside for entertainment … and our “spiritual duties.” We reason that as long as we read the Bible now and then, pray, give to the poor, and attend Sunday morning church services Christ is pleased with us.

However, when we say “yes” to His gift of salvation He lives in us and infiltrates every aspect of our lives. He is not an item on our “to-do list.” He is with us and in us wherever we go and whatever we do. Yes, of course there are things we need to do to maintain our relationship with Him, but we do them out of love, not duty.